June 21st, 2011

day 15- your favorite tumblrs

i have nine super-favorites…i always check these if i’ve been off of tumblr for a few days, and i’ve got a lot of better things to do than go back a few days on my dash

things i find really funny

ten sexy ladies - this guy joshua allen rates everything on a scale of one to ten sexy ladies…incredibly amusing. incredibly accurate.

drink your juice - she writes for important internet blogs. she is just funny in general.

drawings i enjoy

mr. buffalo - this guy is tom hunter. if you like zombies and punching and animated dogs (hot or regular) this a good one…also, he is australian and seems really sweet and good-natured and he’s kind of cute and i think i’m in love, y’all.

exploding dog - i reblog this guy’s stuff a lot…it reminds me of my own drawings and i really dig his humor. it’s really simple, but really good.

a brother and sister…i really like them

i like these guys…they have a lot of enthusiasm for what they do, and they are really active.  they seem like cool people in general…also they have great taste in music and books and stuff.
incurable - aaron is a marine naturalist. he lives in a tree house in hawaii, and that is the coolest thing ever. he mixes education with humor, which is something i really enjoy. also, he is responsible for the greatest thing ever.

sarah on the mountain - sarah is aaron’s sister, and they share a similar humor…she talks about her life working in the appalachians and her time on mount st. helens. we’re the same age, so it’s cool to see how other people balance their education and their hobbies. 

my favorite wordguys

distorte - besides being beautiful, pierce is a great writer. i really dig his stuff…sometimes it’s really long, but i don’t mind because it is really well written and very interesting. 

the ragbag - the most universal philosopher of the most absolutely real, raynor ganan of cantabrigia. he is the wordman of my dreams. i am most decidedly his.

this one really fascinates me and needs no explanation

fuckyeah, neuroscience.